Fall Height:60"

Use Zone:56'*42'

Product Details:

Children of all levels of physical ability can enjoy the WINNERS CIRCLE play structure. It has a lot of great ways to get around, with two large ramps that are great for allowing wheelchair access, as well as giving kids room to walk and run around. In between these ramps are large areas that provide room for wheelchair users to turn around, and also offer a lot of space for kids to congregate and socialize together. The zig-zagging shape of the structure saves some space, and makes the structure more exciting as kids race each other, swiftly avoiding the angles. One of the most unusual features of WINNERS CIRCLE are the three slides on two hex decks which can provide more fun for children. Activity Panels all over the play system, like the Gear Panel and Beads & Cups Panel ensure that kids are never far away from another place to have fun.

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