Fall Height:96"

Use Zone:38'*33'

Product Details:

Kids will love the challenge that is GOLDSTAR. This structure features a large mix of challenging play activities - kids will have a hard time deciding what they want to climb first! It is perfect for large crowds of energetic kids. Start off easy by going up the steps to reach the 6 foot Single Slide. A Transfer Station is available so kids of all abilities can join in on the fun. Want to test your athleticism? There is no shortage of trials at GOLDSTAR! Beginners will love the simplicity of the Leaf Climber. Youngsters can increase the difficulty with the Rock Climber, where it will test a child’s balance and strength. Once they make the journey up, they can choose which slide they want to use. The Straight Slides are simple, traditional slides. The 8ft Right Turn Slide is a tantalizing slide that will attract kids from all over the playground. Add this playset to your bustling play area today!

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