Fall Height:72"

Use Zone:45'*42'

Product Details:

The magnificence of this structure is just covered by its name, the SPEED RACER. The structure is covered in slides, tunnels, and climbers that will satisfy even the most active child. Children can start their adventure at multiple points. For those that like to explore the beat of the playground, the Bongo offer them the music that they crave. The climbers among the group will wiggle across the Leaf Climber or possibly up the Rocker Climber. For those looking for a more direct route to the five slides, the Trunk Climber deposits its climbers directly at the head of the Wave slide. The 90° configuration allows it to nicely fill a fairly square area. Choose between two standard palettes or take your time to customize a look that fits your community. Either way, the SPEED RACER will bring a royally epic amount of fun to your playground.

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