Fall Height:72"

Use Zone:29'*47'

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Product Details:

Children can run, jump, climb on this fun filled play set. Harpers Place structure boasts a whopping three slides, making it a favorite for rambunctious kids of all ages. They’ll be hooting and hollering as the shoot down the Sectional slide and the 5ft Single Slide. Additionally, a Double Slide provides the perfect avenue for an afternoon of friendly competition as kids race each other to the bottom. Harpers place is the perfect structure for kids who love to climb. It has many scaling opportunities, including an Arch Climber, Wing Climber and an impressive Rock Climber. On the ground floor, Rain Wheel, Bongos Counter panel act as whimsical portals into a realm of imaginary and dramatic play. There is a Maze Panel on one of the platforms provides mental stimulation for kids who love little challenge to solve puzzles. Harpers Place is available in both the neutral and primary color palettes as our Quick Ship option. Let the fun begin.

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