SUNNY STACK -Pyramid Roof





Fall Height:48"

Use Zone:28'*23'

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Product Details:

Enjoy a sunny day on the Sunny Stack. This playground has two different styles of climbers, whichoffer different levels of challenge. The Trunk climber that adds a fun way to step up to the platformthis has some challenges to it but if you want a harder challenge kids can endure the Rock Climber.Once your on the main platform there is some fun activities to do. One is the Maze Panel And thisgives kids a fun way to engage there minds. but thats not all. There is another fun panel called theGear panel. These will keep the kids busy. Of course, no play structure would be complete without aslide, which is why Sunny Stack comes equipped with a moderately-sized four-foot Dubble Slide. Onthe ground level of the Sunny stack there is a fun Rain wheel to play with. If the kid needs to take amoment to rest, they can use the Saddle seat or the PE stool and not feel like they are missing outon the fun. Sunny Stack is ready for quick ship so you don't have to wait.

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