Fall Height:0"

Use Zone:14'*13'

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Pikes Peak perfect retreat for kids who want an escape from the hullabaloo of the playground. Thisfive peace panel set has some of the best activity panels every child can enjoy, regardless of theirage or level of physical ability. These activities are all great for kids to enjoy by themselves, but evenbetter when played with a friend or two. The Four in a row panel and ABC Panels are great games toplay. The Counter Panel also provides a versatile base for all manner of imaginary activities. TheGear Panel provides another creative outlet for youngsters with a mind for mechanics. A fun littlesaddle seat to sit a moment on if need. Best of all, the activities are all two-sided, so kids will neverhave to wait to have fun. Pikes peak comes with a pyramid roof if you want it to. quick ship isavailable.

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