Fall Height:48"

Use Zone:30'*30'

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Product Details:

This Bugaloo is the perfect oasis. There is a few ways to enter the Bugaloo, you can endure the rock climber, leaf step climber, or stairs, the play structure features a variety of accessories, including two dynamic slides. Enjoy shooting down the Double slide with a friend or zipping down the Single Slide to exit the structure. On the ground level, listen to the rain wheel and let your imagination go wild. Play the Bongo with friend to make a beat. if you need a minute to rest you can use the Saddle seat below so you dont have to feel like you missing out on the fun. This play structure ADA complaint. A vibrant and jaunty Hex Leaf Roof covers the platform, providing shade and protection on hot and sunny days. Compact and activity-packed, the Bugaloo structure is ideal for daycare centers, parks, and schools that need to optimize fun and interactive learning in a small outdoor space. Available for quick ship in the primary and neutral palettes. If you would like to customize your own Bugaloo you can do that as well.

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