Frankfurt Castle- Physical Activity Set C





Fall Height:48”

Use Zone:43ft×38ft

Product Details:

The NatureMAX play structure has tons of awesome areas that will fill children with wonder as they explore them. On the ground level, there is a Tilted Net Climber, as well as a Rock Climber with different patterns that are designed to challenge kids’ dexterity. There is also a Drums Panel, Counter Panel and Tic-Tac-Toe Panel to foster creative play. But the biggest draw of the NatureMAX play system is its massive hexagon-shaped deck that has a height of four feet. There are plenty of ways to reach this area, including a Crawl Tunnel and Net Climber, as well as by climbing the stairs up from the ground area of the play structure. Of course, the main advantage of having a 4-foot deck on a play structure, besides offering kids an awesome view, is that it can support some exciting slides. The Single Slide and Double Slide offer children two very different styles of slides that will both provide endless excitement.

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