Berlin Treehouse- Physical Activity Set A





Fall Height:48”

Use Zone:37ft×36ft

Product Details:

NaturePLAY is a play area that is excellent for large play areas full of kids with a variety of ages. It has elements that both school-aged and preschool-aged children will enjoy, and has wide open spaces with plenty of pathways that allow large groups of children to navigate it with ease. Its most interesting feature is its large area, housed under the large Hex Roof. This area has enough space for plenty of kids to congregate, socialize, or wait in line for the one 3-foot slide that begins there. This area also has an Arch Climber which is an unconventional climber that acts as a faster way to reach the slides. The higher portion of the structure contains another Single Slide, which allows kids to race their friends and is a gentler ride that children will appreciate. It even has a Step Board Bridge connecting a lower deck also with another entrance via stairs.

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