Fall Height:60”

Use Zone:39ft×33ft

Product Details:

The BELLINGHAM play structure has a lot of wonderful areas for children to explore. The main one is the large, hexagon shaped area sheltered beneath the Hex Roof. This area can be reached by crawling through the Crawl Tunnel from the adjacent platform. The hexagon area can also be reached by Leaf Climber or ADA compliant stairs. This area also has an interactive Flower Panel and a 5-foot Straight Slide. The floor of this area is divided into half hex sections with different heights, creating plenty of natural spaces for children to sit and socialize. Across the Crawl Tunnel, on the other side of the structure, there is another Single Slide as well as a metal barrier. On the ground level below the deck, there is even a Counter Panel, where children can pretend to have a shopping experience.

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