Fall Height:48”

Use Zone:44ft×40ft

Product Details:

The BRIDGE-A-WAY is a grand playground structure loaded up with as many thrilling attractions and fun features as we could fit onto it, including climbers, slides, bridges, activity panels, and musical instruments. To make room for all the excitement it uses the considerable space below the elevated platforms for a Counter Panel, a PE Stool, as well as a Saddle Seat that can be used for imaginary games. There is also a Bongo so that kids can start a rhythmic ensemble. But the most fun can be found by ascending the Rock Climber, Arch Climber, Leaf Climber or Transfer Station stairs to reach the upper levels. Here, there are even more activity panels, a unique Step Board Bridge, and three different slides with different heights to provide different levels of intensity. Towering proudly over the structure are Hex Leaf Roof which can provide more protection from sunshine.

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