Fall Height:48”

Use Zone:46ft×37ft

Product Details:

The ACADIA PARK play system is a paradise for young kids who love to slide. The crowning feature of this unique structure is its square-shaped design connected by four decks which means kids can keep playing again and again without going back to the ground. The four decks are bridged to each other with Long Ramp, Step Board Bridge and Trunk Link with Handrail. Each deck features different activity panels, including Four In A Row Panel, Growth Ring & Clock Panel and two additional Single Slides. To help kids climb back up after riding down one of these four amazing slides, the Eugene play system hosts a collection of climbers, including a Trunk Climber, Leaf Climber and Rock Climber. A Rain Wheel, A Bongo and A Counter Panel can also be found around the base of the structure, making it ADA compliant.

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