Fall Height:48”

Use Zone:30ft×40ft

Product Details:

KNIGHTS PLAY is an incredible, inedible addition to Wisdom Playground‘s Castle Series of play structures. Designed for children ages 2-12, KNIGHTS PLAY sits at a relatively low elevation, making it much safer for children than conventional play structures. At the ground level, kids can create their own percussive rhapsody using the Bongo, while the Counter Panel allows children to pretend to be a shop assistant. Both of these amenities are at a low height, so even the smaller playground-goers will have a chance to play. Kids who wish to go further up into KNIGHTS PLAY can utilize the Rock Climber or the Trunk Climber. Waiting at an elevation will be the World Panel, which provides further engaging fun for kids. The two Single Slides will facilitate a short yet thrilling ride down to the ground level of KNIGHTS PLAY, at which point kids will surely want to play again.

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