Fall Height:48”

Use Zone:40ft×49ft

Product Details:

Kids can pretend to be master of the mountain with our sprawling and dynamic THE MOUNT PALACE play structure. Featuring a wide, hexagonal deck and lots of fun accessories, the THE MOUNT PALACE model is a fabulous playset upon which children can explore a world of adventure and imaginative play. A Transfer Station leads to the main deck, where kids will find a Double Slide and two bridges to the other two decks. Two single slides provide lots of active fun, while back on the ground, children of all ability levels will enjoy composing musical masterpieces and dancing to their own rhythms with a Rain Wheels and Bongo set, both of which make the structure ADA accessible. Kids will hone their agility and balance skills as they climb up and down the Trunk Climber and stairs. And the abundance of space on the main platform facilitates social and dramatic play. Your playground or park will become a hub of activity and lifelong memories!

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