Fall Height:60”

Use Zone:42ft×39ft

Product Details:

Discover a mystical, gem-toned sea castle fit for a ship of tiny heroes and heroines: the WOODLANDS FORT. With a vibrant color palette and two amazing decks, the WOODLANDS FORT design is a sprawling maze of ramps, slides, and climbers that will entertain kids for hours. It features two types of slides: a Double Slide and a Single Slide. And it also has a beautiful brick red roofline, a Rock Climber and two Net Climbers for kids who love to scale. WOODLANDS FORT includes fun ground-level elements to engage kids of all ability levels, like the pretend-play Counter Panel and Bongo. Kids can rest awhile and take in the action with the Saddle Seat, and they’ll need it. Trust us; your kids will want to play on WOODLANDS FORT all day.

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