Fall Height:48”

Use Zone:40ft×45ft

Product Details:

Enter a fortress of activity and imagination with the BRIGHTWATER FORTRESS playset. Featuring many distinct playtime events, like two Rock Climbers and a Trunk Climber, the BRIGHTWATER FORTRESS invites children to pretend to be Queens and Kings of the castle, vanquishing dragons and scaling the heights. Four decks combined by Ramp, Arch Net Bridge and Step Board Bridge feature Palm Toppers. Two Single Slides provide children a gentle yet bumpy ride. Kids can cross the bridges up to a deck equipped with different activity panels for a fun game time. Across another bridge, children will find a Transfer Station. And on the ground level, ADA-compliant activities like a Bongo and a Counter Panel will engage children of all interests and ability levels, inviting them to join in dramatic and creative play. Just watch out for imaginary alligators in the moat! Indeed, this model is a playset fit for royalty, sure to deliver countless hours of fun.

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